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Learn the Language!

The ability to converse in a "foreign" language is a delight. This skill opens doors to friendship, adventure, employment and understanding.

English and Spanish are two of the world's richest and most widely spoken languages with over 1 billion speakers combined. Viva la conversación! While vocabulary and grammar learned through school, books and the web provide a necessary foundation, Modismos brings language to life. Modismos, or idioms in English, are the wonderful phrases we all use every day to enrich our conversation and enhance communication.

This web site is dedicated to this single, exciting aspect of learning the Spanish and English languages. Modismos are evolving continually. New idioms come into use and old ones fall away. Adding these wonderful expressions to you vocabulary is fun.

Today’s highlighted modismos

  • To learn by heart = aprender de cabeza
  • It’s a piece of cake! = ¡Es pan comido!
  • By the way = Y de paso
  • Tell me about it! = ¡Ya lo sé!
  • My wife = Mi media naranja
  • Enough, already! =¡Basta y sobra!
  • It’s rainimg cats and dogs =Llueve a cántaros
  • I don’t miss anything = Veo crecer la hierba
  • Go jump in the lake! =¡Vete a freír espárragos!
  • To pull out all the stops = Tirar la casa por la ventana
  • To know something inside out =Saber algo al dedillo
  • Enough, already! =¡Basta y sobra!
  • Let’s call it a day =Ya Basta por hoy

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